Bridging Hope is a Colorado nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide assistance to indigent, ill, disadvantaged and disabled women and children in Viet Nam both by raising awareness of their needs among citizens of Colorado and other Americans, and by creating opportunities for charitable giving to support programs and projects in Viet Nam.

  • Creates job opportunities for underprivileged women
  • Supports educational possibilities
  • Provides nutrition to women and children affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Provides healthcare and nutrition for elderly women
  • Raises funds for specific charitable programs.
  • Fosters awareness of the unjust living conditions of women and children.
  • Raises awareness about the vitality and richness of Vietnamese arts and culture.
2024 Programs
Daily Bread Project provides all the meals for the 27 mothers of the Mai Tam in Saigon, Viet Nam who are impacted by or suffering from HIV/AIDS. Mai Tam is a network of services and shelters for women with HIV/AIDS and their children....
Bridging Hope also helps to provide nutrition to the children who are suffering from HIV/AIDS in the Mai Tam program in Saigon. Currently, in collaborating with the Christmas for Breakfast program, Bridging Hope has provided a daily...
Since 1991, Sen has worked with the women of the THREADS co-op, most of them suffering from polio. Sen bought their embroidery, clothes, and other products to sell in the U.S. Now, as they are getting older, due to the problems of poor...
Young, pre-school children on this small island in the Mekong Delta in southern Viet Nam were usually hungry, unsupervised, and often unsafe (especially during monsoon). Recognizing the need of safety for these youngsters, the parents...
Begin in 2017, in addition to supporting the children, Cồn Én School has asked Bridging Hope to supplement the teachers’ salaries in order to keep trained staff members.
The elder homeless is a growing population in Viet Nam due to younger generations increasingly leaving their villages in search of economic opportunities. Consequently, Viet Nam’s elderly population is left vulnerable without their...
Located in Củ Chi, Saigon, Rose House of Love is a home for abandoned children and teens. Bridging Hope collaborates with Christmas for Breakfast to provide health care, education and nutrition for about 40 children at the center.
Since May 2013, Bridging Hope’s Board Member have helped Thanh Bạch with the ongoing treatment of a blood vessel tumor.
Bridging Hope responded to an urgent need of people affected by severe flooding in central Viet Nam in Oct. 2016. Tens of thousands of homes were completely submerged in the flood waters leaving many homeless, lacking food and basic...