2018 Sites Visits – Entry # 5: Mai Tam Shelter

Visiting MaiTam – Though a friend and I already participated the Easter Vigil with MaiTam children and adults, and take Ti to have fried chicken for lunch, this visit is more “official.”

We went to visit after lunch on Sunday so some of them were still sleeping; others were watching TV. On a regular day, they usually do their home works.

Bridging Hope collaborates with MaiTam to provide nutritions for the children. MaiTam considerers as one of Bridging Hope “success story.” The MaiTam staff members are very dedicated. This year Bridging Hope provides breakfasts for about 300 children – 80 at the center; more than 200 with families or foster houses in community. Bridging Hope has been journeyed with MaiTam since 2007. WOW, it has been over 10 years!

Bridging Hope also had a meeting with MaiTam staff on this trip. Many thanks to all!

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