2019 Spring Site Visits

This Spring, Sen and Duy, a Bridging Hope’s friend, have visited all the Bridging Hope’s programs. You’re invited to walk with us, not only visiting but to encounter the faces of the Bridging Hope’s women and children.


This is the first one they visit. Mai Tam is under the umbrella of the Mai Tam program in Saigon. It is the house for the children who are suffering from HIV/AIDs.  In collaborating with the staff, Bridging Hope helps to provide breakfast to approximately 300 children who live not only at the center, but with foster parents in community because their parents have died or incapable of being the primary caretakers.

The center has divided into two houses: one is for boys, another one for girls. Both houses, together, shelter appropriately 80 children.

Originally, it was only one house but due to the increase of members, and respect for their privacy as they grow older, Mai Tam has built another house located just 20 feet away.

As usual, this is a very active center. When we arrived, the older children were already home for lunch after morning classes. The younger children are with caretakers. Fortunately, Fr. John Toai was at the center. We, especially Duy, had a change to visit him.