2023 Fall Fundraiser

Letter from the President,

Dear Friends of Bridging Hope,

This was Bridging Hope’s first time, that we held two separate fundraising dinners, at two different locations, in order to accommodate our group of diversified supporters and it was a huge success, even though it was twice the work for our volunteers and helpers.

Thanks again to all our generous donors and supporters, we are able to continue to help fund the programs and causes that are part of our mission.  It was great to see everyone’s faces again as we continue to reach and share our cause with as many people as we can.

We hope that everyone the participants had a great time and enjoyed this year’s event and entertainment.   See you all next year!

Board President

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of Bridging Hope,

Blessings!  May you and your loved ones be continued safe and at peace.

While you’re reading this newsletter, I am already on my way to Viet Nam to visit the Bridging Hope’s women and children.  I am taking with me the warm and generosity you provided on both, September 30 and October 7.

Thanks for your support and especially for being a part of Bridging Hope building “bridge” to improve the lives of women and children in Viet Nam!  This is in order to honor and accomodate the diversity of Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese supporters.  It was Bridging Hope’s first attempt to hold two separate fundraiser dinners.  Yes, it was more work, but it was an enriched experience. To read the refections of our guests, please check out the below.

Sen Nguyen
OSF Executive Director

Reflection from Kathy McGovern

Last week some friends invited me to a fundraiser for Bridging Hope, a nonprofit that provides assistance to indigent, ill, disadvantaged, and disabled women and children in Viet Nam.

I felt like I was on the mountaintop from the second I arrived. There was a dear friend in every corner of the room, and when I sat down I realized that eight other friends were sharing our table! Heaven.

Talk about your feast of juicy, rich food, and pure, choice wines. Beautiful Vietnamese teenagers, parishioners of the vibrant Vietnamese church in our archdiocese, came to our tables practically begging us to take all the fried egg rolls we could eat. Soon they returned, with large bowls overflowing with scented rice and vegetables, herb-crusted salmon, and beef with broth. I can’t remember ever eating a more abundant or delicious meal.

What overwhelmed me the most was the loving participation of SO many young people. The young Vietnamese dancers were jaw-dropping, and the colors filled the room so much that it seemed the sun had burst into a billion gorgeous prisms.

The music was, of course, spectacular. The Vietnamese are known for their musical artistry. As the Youth Choir sang, my friend turned to me and said, “We look at these beautiful young singers, and forget what happened in their homes over fifty years ago, and what it took for their grandparents to get here.”

And then I felt the veil that veils all people, the web that is woven over all nations, dissolve in front of me. Humans were never made to be at war, but to sing, and dance, and eat together at the banquet of eternal friendship and love.

And a reflection from another guest…

Dear Sen,

It was so good to see you at Bridging Hope Saturday evening.  We thought the program was one of the best ever.  The tables were set so elegantly and the food was delicious.  The students are so polite, enthusiastic and attentive.  The items for donations were of good quality, we will enjoy the Vietnamese coffee.  The lion dances were fun and colorful.  …. You should be so proud of Bridging Hope which you have built from scratch to the dynamic organization which has helped so many.  We are so glad to know you and be a part of Bridging Hope!

In closing, we thank you for being a member of our “bridge”.  Together we can expand the bridge so that more women and children from Viet Nam will be able to walk with the hope of sustaining their lives and building their future.

Ways To Give!

Did you know…?

  • Gift of Your Will… You can secure the future of the children, women and elders Viet Nam by leaving a gift for Bridg Hope in your will.
  • Matching Donation… Your donation to Briging Hope may be matched by your company.  Check with your company’s Human Resources to see wheather your donation can be matched.

More Ways To Give!

Message from Colorado Gives Day… What if there was a day that as Coloradans, we got to celebrate the impact of coming together and lifting up our local communities?  A day that we joined arm with our neighbors, jumped into the pool of posibivity together, and set forth a wave of generosity to ripple out across the state?

Well luckily for all of us, there is such a day, and it’s call Colorado Gives Day.  And on this special occasion, Colorado nonprofits are organized in one place, making it easy to find something you’re passionate about.

Mark your calendars:

  • Colorado Gives Day is December 5, 2023
  • Early Giving Opens Nov 1
  • All donations made between Nov 1 – Dec 5 qualify for prizes and incentives

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