Spring 2018 Sites Visits – Entry # 4: Bridge Project

After the 2016 flood rescues in Tam Trang, Quảng Bình, Bridging Hope has agreed to help the people in Tam Trang to build the bridge that requested by the former paster, Fr. Nang. The bridge will help the villagers from lower lands to escape to the higher lands when flood comes. Since then, Bridging Hope has been fundraised which estimated about $22,000.00. With the help of many good friends, Bridging Hope reached the goal! The bridge has been started in March under the supervision of the new pastor, Fr. Nghĩa. It’s a big project. Many thanks to anh Lương, especially anh Long — who has been working closely with Fr. Nghĩa and now with the engineer in Viet Nam. Please pray with us and for us, and for the people of Tam Trang, a desperately very poor area that the bridge project would be successfully complete.