Spring 2018 Sites Visits – Threads Women Co-op

Visiting Threads women co-op – Started working with these women since 1991 when sister The was still a director, most of the women suffering from polio.

Before April 1975, sister The was a director of the orphanage for disabled children and adults for many year. After 1975, she continued her work of caring for these children though many other social organizations and centers were under the supervision of the local government. When the government allowed tourists to visit Viet Nam, many of her former workers came back to visit the orphanage, and to help remodeling the center. This drew attention… In 1992, the local government asked sister The to retire when she was only 56 years old. Tears up to her eyes while sharing this story. But before leaving the orphanage, sister The opened several houses which she named Agape Houses, Nhà Tình Nghĩa, where 6 or 7 women over 18 could live together. Their main job was embroidery. Taught by the Sisters, they produced stunningly beautiful tablecloths, pillow shams, handkerchiefs… Bridging Hope, was then Provide-N-Ce, helped to expand their market by buying the embroidered products to sell in the U.S. Now, as they are getting older, due to the problems poor vision and bone loss, they are no longer able to produce the work as they used to. Bridging Hope, however, continues to walk along with them and be their friends.