The 2020 Specials… and Yes, we have responded to the “signs of the times”….

Along side with sending the distributions quarterly,  Bridging Hope aslo responded to the urgent needs of the Bridging Hope’s women and children.

Food and Vitamin….

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives; the women and children in Viet Nam aren’t an exception.  Most of them have struggled to have just a little food to get through.  Regardless, Bridging Hope was still able to “bridge” out and provide them assistance.  At the early stage of the pandemic, Bridging Hope sent two weeks of supplies of vitamin C to forty elders of the Elder Outreach Program and twenty-six elders at the Thiên Phước Center. 

Collaborating with the local volunteers, Bridging Hope provided two weeks of food supplies to over eighty physically disabled members of Threads program during the time of lockdown.  Some severed members had received food supplies beyond the time of lockdown. 

Face Mask Making Project

Bridging Hope, along with Denver volunteer sewers, and the women at Daily Bread Project at Mai Tam, had made about 11,000 masks and distributed them to the shelters, health facilities, migrant workers and those needed. 

Flood Victim Relief

Since October 6th,  people in the central of Viet Nam have undergoing the servere of multiple floods, landslides and hurricanes.

Acording to the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority (VDMA), “as of October 28, 214 people have reportedly been killed or are missing.  An estimated 7.7 million people live in areas affected by flooding caused by the multiple storms, with some 1.5 million people in nine provinces directly affected and approximately 380,000 houses flooded, damaged or destroyed.  Of those people directly affected by the current disaster, some 753,000 are women and girls, 134,000 are children under five, and 143,000 are over 65 years old.”

As well as damage to houses, some 30,000 hectares of agricultural land has been damaged (including rice, other crops, and aquatic products) and more than 2 million cattle and poultry have been killed. This is likely to have severe impacts on food security and livelihoods, especially for those people who were already experiencing adverse economic impacts due to COVID19. Further, more than 360 schools have been flooded and damaged, with detrimental impacts on children’s ability to continue accessing education. In addition, more than 78 health centers and hospitals have also been damaged or flooded.

Responding to the devastated situations, Bridging Hope has sent over $!8,000.00 for the flood relief effort!

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