The Friday Experience: Sen Nguyen and Bridging Hope Gallery

Artistic expressions can blossom from a small bud into an impressive colorful orchid, or come to those as simply as the daily sunrise, yet each sunrise is a work of art. Such is the case with Sen Nguyen, artist and founder of Bridging Hope Gallery located on Tennyson Street.

“I remember the expression one of the art teachers used to say while I was an art student, “A day in the studio is better than a thousand days else where”, smiles Sen. “I can relate to his expression. To be able to sit in front of a canvas and allow it to lead me, is the most rewarding. Or to be in a darkroom and see the images emerge is so “Zen-filled”.

This First Friday Bridging Hope Gallery showcases not only Sen’s artwork but also celebrates the work of local women artists with Women, Wine & Art. Artists in attendance are Gwen Laine, Linda Hall, Paulina Royball, Paula Lee, Lexix Krieg, Christa Leigh, Sen, and myself, Wendy L. Pitton R. This is an amazing show, with mediums ranging in unique quilting, oil, photography, jewelry and mixed media. Bridging Hope Gallery is located at 4309 Tennyson Street in Denver; reception is 6pm – 10pm, Friday, May 3rd. Show runs through May 31st.

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