Viet Nam – Spring 2017

Entry # 11

Visiting Rose Center in Củ Chi

Arrived in Saigon on the same day I left Phan Thiết.  The next morning I visited Củ Chi.  Located in the Northwest of Saigon, Củ Chi a suburban district of Saigon, Viet Nam.  The main purpose was to check-in with Sister My, director of the center, to go over with her on some prospects of working together, and to see the children.  Bridging Hope provides tuitions, nutrition, and healthcare for the children and young adults at this center.

As usual, the children always are already to welcome guests with their songs and dances along with the music on loudspeakers whenever they come.  Children are children — endless energy.

After working with Sister My, I watched the children sang and danced.

I left the center and went back to Saigon.

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