Viet Nam – Spring 2017

Entry # 12


“Since 1991, Sen has worked with the women of the THREADS co-op, most of them suffering from polio. Sen bought their embroidery, clothes, and other products to sell in the US. As they are getting older, due to the problems of poor vision and bone loss, they are no longer able to produce the work as they used to. BH, however, continues to walk with them and be their friend.”

So this trip I planned to visit Thuy, a member of Threads co-op.  Thuy was used to able to embroid beautiful embroidery piece.  She lives in one of the Agape houses with 5 other members.  While others are able to work, Thuy’s physical mobility is severely limited.  Bridging Hope is continued helping Thuy and others as they might need help.


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