Viet Nam – Spring 2017

Entry # 14

Visiting Cồn Én Day Care & School

Cồn Én Day Care is the last site visit for this trip.  I invited a friend from Saigon, KimDung, to come along.  We rent an SUV and left the hotel around 4:00 am.  It’s about 5 hrs drive one way.

Cồn Én is located on a small island in the Mekong Delta in southern Viet Nam.  The young, pre-school children were usually hungry, unsupervised, and often unsafe (especially during monsoon). Recognizing the need for safety for these youngsters, the parents asked the local Catholic Church to open a daycare to provide a safe environment and early childcare for their children. Since 2009, Bridging Hope has collaborated with the local church providing supervision, nutrition, and education for approximately 60 impoverished children.

Fr. Joseph Thuan greeted us when we arrived.   After a short visit, he walked us to the school located nearby to meet the teachers and students.  They were just about having lunch.  As KimDung and Fr. Thuan were visiting, I walked around visiting the children.

When all the children were in the room napping, we had lunch with the teachers, Fr. Joseph and his assistant.

Before leaving the place, we all had a group picture.

The school has improved a great length.  According to Ms. Dieu, director of the school, the enrollment has increased this year due to the better road’s condition.  They hired one more teacher.

I walked away with a great sense of appreciation, the teachers/caregivers, Fr. Joseph Thuan and his assistant for doing such a great job of helping the children and in turn, the parents.


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