Viet Nam – Spring 2017

# 3 – HaNoi

Arrived in Hanoi the next day, I planned to meet up with Dr. Tien Vu, a pediatric physician in Denver, Colorado, who at the time was providing a workshop at the 6th Viet Nam-US Pediatric Symposium hosted by Pediatric Department at Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi.  (For further information about this project please check out this link:

Dr. Vu was asked by Fr. Phuong, a pastor who ministers to one of the churches in Vinh province and recently visited Colorado, to help the elders in his parish.   Responded to his request, Dr. Vu and I planned to visit Vinh.  But due to the time constraint, Dr. Vu was unable to visit the place.   We decided that I would go there by myself to get a glimpse of the area and to gather the information.

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