Viet Nam – Spring 2017

# 4 – Vinh Province

Visiting Nam Hoà Parish

I flew to Vinh the in the evening of the 6th day of my trip and stayed at the archdiocese building.  It’s surrounded by a big piece of land that regularly visits by the cows.

The next day, previously arranged by Fr. Phuong, Fr. Thuy took me to visit the mission church that also under Fr. Phuong’s responsibility.  It’s about 5 km from the archdiocese.  It is the most beautiful land — very serene and peaceful.

We reached the destination.  There are a little church and church hall.  Next to the church is an empty small piece of land which I understood where Fr. Phuong would like to build a house for the elder.  It shares the beautiful landscape of the atmosphere.  For sure, it’s a nice place for retirement.  Lots to brainstorm with Dr. Vu.

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