Viet Nam – Spring 2017

# 6 – Quảng Bình – 01

Visiting the mission church Trùng Giang

Fr. Năng picked me up the next day.  Saying goodbye to a very generous family who hosted me overnight was difficult.  Hope to meet them again in a near future.  Blessings to you, all!

A few words about Fr. Năng.  I first met him in November 2016 when I was on the mission to help the flood victims in Lâm Trạch village, Bố Trạch district, Quảng Bình city. He was a pastor of Tam Trang parish – the young priest with lots of energy.  At that event, we asked if he could help us to gather people who were flood victims.  He did.  He made the work went smoothly by giving out numbers to each family the night before.  When we met people the next day, the distributions just went through one by one.  We’re grateful!

Toward the end of the mission, he showed us the bridge that has been damaged by the flood and asked if Bridging Hope could help to rebuild it.  This will help the people that live in the lowland to escape to the higher land at the time of the floods.  His estimation was about $10,000.00 USD.  The request has been in my mind.  Meanwhile, he was transferred to another parish.

Since Bridging Hope doesn’t have a high budget, we brought the bridge idea and explored it with Đình Bảo, who’s a voice performer of Thuý Nga production in the US,  and invited him to collaborate with us.  He agreed.  We are more than happy.

The planned during this trip was to visit Lâm Trạch village in Quảng Bình.  To keep the consistency, I asked Fr. Năng to assist me at the beginning of meeting the new pastor at Tam Trang parish.  So, he joined me this part of the journey.

Before going to Lâm Trạch, Fr. Năng took me to visit his new parish mission church.  It locates next to Gianh river which also heavily contaminated by Formosa Chemical Spills.  People’s livelihood is gone.  No more eatable fish from this river.  Since the school is on the other side of the river, students have to have taken boat rides whenever they go to school.  The boats they have now are very small.  He asked if Bridging Hope could help providing a bigger and safer boat.  Again, it’s on my project lists.


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