Viet Nam – Spring 2017

# 7 – Quảng Bình – 02

Visit Tam Trang Parish, Lâm Trạch Village, Bố Trạch District

Fr. Năng then took me to visit Tam Trang Parish at Lâm Trạch Village.  It’s just about 1hour drive.  It was quite a ride on a muddy road under the rain — interesting scenes along the road.

Arrived at the parish, we were introduced to the new pastor Fr. Nghĩa and the parish council.  It was about lunch time.  We had lunch then moved directly to our business.  Bridging Hope had a meeting with the pastor and the parish council.  The local people shared the need of having the bridge, exchanged back and forth the expectations with Bridging Hope — cost, dimension & timelines, etc.  Thanks to A. Long, a bridge expert in  Colorado who had provided Bridging Hope all the information and questions what to present to the people regarding this project — so helpful!

We then visit the site where the bridge is going to be built.

After seeing site, we’re ready to leave.  Fr. Năng needs to get back to the parish and I need to rest getting ready for a night bus tonight to Đà Nẵng.  Thanks to them all!  It was a successful and friendly visit.  Sure we will be back again.

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