Viet Nam – Spring 2017

# 8 – Kontum

Visiting Kontum

From Quảng Bình, I took a night bus and arrived in Đà Nẵng the early morning of the next day.  I took some downtimes to relax and savor all the experiences I have been encountered so far.  I took another night bus to visit Kontum.

Bridging Hope began this project since last year.  The purpose of this program is to buy supplies and provide job training for about 20 women in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam in an effort to preserve and transmit their cultural tradition of fine weaving.  Bridging Hope collaborates with the Sisters of St. Paul to carry on this new project for the women in this remote area.

As many other places I have seen, this is another poor area.  The tribal people don’t have many opportunities except for farming.  The children don’t have many chances for education.  Seeing this, the Sisters of St. Paul have created a boarding school for young girls.  The boarding school can be roomed up to 100 young girls where they can learn music, languages and responsible for other tasks while if they are at home, the only job they could do were tending the water buffaloes.

Sister Ann took me to visit the house where the women gather for sewing and weaving.

I had lunch with the Sisters.  Rested a little then on the bus again in the middle of afternoon heading for Đà Lạt.




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