Viet Nam – Spring 2017

# 9 – Đà Lạt

Visiting Thông Xanh Center

Leaving Kontum, heading for Đà Lạt — arrived the next morning.

It’s an overcast, cloudy and rainy day.  It’s a typical day of Đà Lạt.  The somber mood of the atmosphere somewhat brings back some of the memories I had of Đà Lạt.  My first time in Đà Lạt was in the early 70′ – I was here for a scout camping trip.   I and other met at the Đà Lạt University then headed to Đồi Cù to camp.  Many Scout Leaders, but the two I remembered vividly were Trần Văn Đức and Phạm Xuân Lan.  Not quite sure where they are at now.  I revisited here a few more times — the last one was in 2010 with John Kane, a former Bridging Hope Board President.

I’m here to visit Thông Xanh center, to see if Bridging Hope can support them next year.  Visited Sister Tu and two younger sisters.  After breakfast and a short visit of exchanging information, Sister Tu took me to the center where the children stay.  It was about 13 km from where they live.    It’s a beautiful and peaceful place — freshly green.

It was a Holiday in Viet Nam so the children stayed home — so T.V. day for the young kids.

The older ones help to tend the gardens.

I had a conversation with the Sister who’s director of the center.

Thông Xanh center also provides daycare and early education for young todlers of the poor tribal families.  Since it was a holiday, the children were home with the parents.

Sister Tu and I said goodbye and headed back to the convent.


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