Viet Nam – Spring 2017

Entry # 10

Visiting Elder Program in Phan Thiết

After having lunch with the Sisters,  I took a day public bus from Đà Lạt to visit the elder program in Phan Thiết.

Arrived there around 6:00 pm.  I had a check-in with all the volunteers.  They are such an enjoyable group to work with — very passionate — dedicated to what they do of helping the elders in their community. They showed me their new meeting place along with food supplies that they will distribute to the elders in a next few days.

The next day, we gathered at one of the volunteer’s house.  Everyone joined in to cook lunch and visited one another and shared with me the struggles they have been through in moving to a new meeting place.  But all for better, they said.  Space was donated by one of the volunteers in their group.  It’s now theirs.  They feel more at home at the new place.

Things are very good in working with the elders — no major concern.  I shared with them some of the logistics/expectations in term of paperwork.  I know they are struggling in finding an efficient way to send documents via email.  They have no computer.  Binh, a volunteer director, has a small tablet which she uses for sending emails.  An idea of asking the board to provide them a computer came to my mind.

We then had a sing along — inspiring songs that keep them focus on their mission of helping the unfortunates.

Of course, the group picture before our goodbye.

One volunteer took me to the bus station.  It was a difficult goodbye.  I was inspired by their passion and dedication.  It was such a heart-warm and hope-filled visit.

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