Viet Nam – Spring 2017

Entry # 1 – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

I left the US’s soil on March 27, 2017 for Bridging Hope’s site visits. I arrived at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in the early morning of the 29th. Went to the food court, bought myself a cafe latte at the Starbuck coffee shop. $5.00 USD!   it’s more expensive than in the US.

As I was looking around to find a table, I saw a hand raised up from the corner of the area. I looked over —  a lady was sitting by herself, signaled me to come over to share her table. I walked over and joined her. Her name is Martha, from Fremont California – on her way to visit her family in Indonesia.  She got a bowl of noodles and shared more than half with me. It was very kind and generous of her.  She probably noticed how tired I was after a long flight.  

We then walked to the greenroom to have a chair massage.  It was wonderful. We both had a good time – enjoyed each other. I was reminded that people genuinely are good.  Regardless of all the weaknesses might enter our lives and tend to dominate our actions,  we still have a power to do good deeds for others and to build a better community.

Before leaving for this trip, I attended Pat McGuan’s funeral.  Pat is a very committed Bridging Hope’s board member who’s also a very good friend.  He died in a car accident a week before.  The funeral was packed with family members and friends.  It was such a good tribute for Pat and I am sure a great comfort to his family:  Maggie, Andrew and Emily.  It reflected vividly a solid energy and strength of human community.

Thanks Martha and Pat!  Your examples of believing in the goodness of people have helped me to hold true to the light within me providing me a deep sense of awareness on the journey.

Entry # 2 – Saigon, Viet Nam

Arrived in Saigon a few hours later from Taipei,  I decided to stay here for another day to rest and to organize my site visits.

Had breakfast with a friend, Kim Dung, the next day then had a walk by myself around Saigon.  As usual, a thought of being a tourist in my homeland is unsettling, but be  conscientious during my walk — offered it as a prayer, brought peace to my soul.


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